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Released back in September 2010 the XPages Extension Library by IBM's Philippe Riand and his development team. The library is a set of advanced, optimized, controls and other XPages assets that provide a way to employ a rich UI to web and Notes client apps. The library installs in Domino Designer 8.5.2 and an on a Domino 8.5.2 server. Using the library you can accelerate your Domino app development.

Download the XPages Extension Library
Download the XPages Extension Library documentation
Join the project discussion
Feature requests are encouraged
Post a review of the XPages Extension Library
Watch a video and presentation about the XPages Extension Library

Some of the new custom controls included in the libary are:

- OneUI Control
- Dojo Grid Control
- Advanced View Control
- Name and Value Picker
- REST services Control
- Tag Cloud Control
- Toolbar Control
- In Conext Editing
- Dialogs Control
- Lotus Connections Control
- and many more...

Congratulations to Phillipe and his team on being named the November 2010 OpenNTF Project of the Month.

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