OpenNTF Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - April 06, 2010

Present: Justin Hill, Art Fontaine, John Head, Corey Davis, Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff, Nathan Freeman, Bruce Elgort, Brent Peters

IP Manager:
Group Business Software has graciously agreed to support the engagement of Peter Tanner to continue to act as IP Manager and complete Project IP reviews for the months of March to May.

IBM will discuss internally the sponsoring of the IP Manager role for the period commencing June 1, and will get back to the SC with information on this by the next meeting.  

Nonprofit incorporation:
John Head reported that he and PSC's attorneys are working to complete a draft of governance documents for OpenNTF to become a Nonprofit organization.  Concern was experssed that there was no revenue plan to support the ongoing costs of the legal entity.  Suggestions for the revenue plan included:
- advertisements on the website
- Membership fees
--- compulsory for SC members
--- optional for other members
--- suggested amount $500/year
The suggested legal entity would be created under the U.S. IRS 501(c)(6) section which defines nonprofit trade associations.
Such an organization would require officers, secretary, accountant and a legal representative.  Another possibility would be to establish a UK legal entity.
Two discussion threads in the OpenNTF forums would be established to encourage input from those interested.

Technical report – Niklas:
record download numbers in March
will make more information on downloads available
Daniele Vistalli is continuing work on development servers (supporting collaborative work)
Guisseppe Grasso (sp?) - came up with new style sheet to put style on existing web page.
Bruce Lill is working on a number of website issues and projects
Will be releasing several projects into the Catalog within the next week or so.

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