IdeaJam has started. Go to the application here.

The goal is to identify the most important next services and web site extensions. Please let us know your ideas and vote and comment on other ideas.

The IdeaJam will go until 07/16/10 10:00 AM Middle European time (GMT +1).

Every OpenNTF user can participate. If you don't have already an account or you've forgotten your password go here.

All ideas are categorized in the ideaspace 'July2010'. You can navigate through the ideas via these views:
Recent ideas
Popular ideas

Before you create a new idea it would be good to check whether someone else has already created it. To create a new idea click the 'Post my idea' button in the right column and enter your idea. Use the ideaspace 'July2010' and the tag 'July2010'.

See here for more.

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