Peter Presnell has contributed a new release of his .Domino Framework project. Peter describes in his blog the project and gives some background information. Thanks a lot to Peter for sharing this code.

From Peter's blog:

"[.Domino Framework] is an Object Oriented framework containing a large number of classes that extend the core capabilities of Lotus Notes and LotusScript.  Notes being Notes, I have tried to make my implementation of OOP as light and fluffy as possible while still adhering to its core qualities.  In addition I have developed the UI components that would most commonly be used in creating a generic Notes application.  With this release I am making available a separate template that can be used as a starting point for building new applications.  Every Notes application I have built over the past 5 years has been created using earlier versions of such a template.  The ∙dominoFramework database contains the original components used in this template along with additional libraries and design elements that can be used to extend applications with specific capabilities."

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