OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes: June 18, 2009
Conference Call

Members: Vince Schuurman (Chairman), Bruce Elgort, Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head (absent), Rob Novack, Brent Peters (absent), Scott Johnsen (absent)

Others Present: Peter Tanner, Niklas Heidloff, Steve Castledine

Proceedings: Meeting called to order at 11:00 am ET by Vince Schuurman.
Last month’s meeting minutes were approved.

Resolved – Formally make Peter Tanner the IP Manager for to approve and process requests for committers and contributors, IT issues, etc.

IP Working Group Update by Peter Tanner

IP Working Group Meeting originally scheduled for June 5 has been rescheduled for Friday, June 19 at 10:00 am ET.

# OpenNTF IP Working Group first meeting
# Encourage all to attend
# Licensing will NOT be discussed, this will be deferred until a second meeting
# Copyright discussion of issues relevant to copyright law
# Review the Alliance structure, rules, process for membership by companies and individuals
# How to become a contributor and committer
# Concept of repository
# Project workflow

Technical Committee Update by Niklas Heidloff & Steve Castledine

Resolved to make Steve Castledine and Niklas Heidloff committers to the managed catalog.

Resolved – Language changes to the Contributors agreement
# Contributors will no longer be required to document employers’ permission to provide a waiver
# Contribution document – “contributors give OpenNTF worldwide rights… “ will be dropped from this document.
# Terms of Service for Web sites accessed by widgets is the responsibility of the user

Discussion of who can help where. Niklas provided a list of activities that need to be done. He will set up a meeting with those who volunteered for something the week of June 22.

IBM has 11 widgets that they will post as 11 projects. We would like to get other non-IBM projects posted before IBM posts more projects so Niklas will hold off until then.

Need an infrastructure in order to make the discussion template a project. Specification, release schedule, feature descriptions and other work needs to be defined on OpenNTF. What exists today is very limited. New materials in support of new projects will be posted in a secure area, reviewed by Steering committee.

Strategy Working Group Update – Nathan Freeman
Would like to have more discussion from the Steering Committee members on OpenNTF discussion board. will give a page with pointers to each of the forms.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 am ET
Minutes submitted by Scott Johnsen

Next meeting: July 2, 2009
11:00 am ET

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